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This is the largest municipality on the eastern side of the Gulf of La Spezia. Of Etruscan origin and an important port in Roman times, it was for long an object of contention between Genoa and Pisa during the Middle Ages. In 1241, it was occupied by the Pisans, who built the castle that was later extended and reinforced by the Genoese.

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The town known as “Portus Veneris” was already famous for its beauty in Roman times. The ancient nucleus developed around the modern-day promontory of San Pietro, where there was a temple dedicated to Venus Ericina, which is where the town’s name derives from.

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The history of Sarzana is witnessed by fortifications that were built in various periods to protect this large town, which is excellently situated for agriculture (in the middle of a large fertile plain) and for commerce (on the route from Tuscany to Liguria and Emilia).

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