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Between Ortovero and Vendone: nice walks between wines and vineyards


We are in Valle Arroscia, one of the main wine valleys of Liguria; we start from Ortovero, a hamlet of the hinterland of Albenga that can be easily reached from the highway exit of Albenga; it is rich in cultivations of fruit trees, roses and vineyards.

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Trekking on the Manie plateau


From the highway or the railway station of Finale Ligure go to Finalpia, a hamlet dominated by the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria di Pia.

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High Way Ligurian Mountains: Nervia valley (trails 1-4)


From Ventimiglia to the forest of Testa d’Alpe by the sheer fossil falaises of Roverino you will pass through olive groves and vineyards of Rossese and then further up you will come across thyme and lavender bushes with their inebriating perfume which alternate with rare alpine flora.

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High Way Ligurian Mountains: Ligurian Alps (trails 5-9)


The trail runs through thick coniferous woodland and extensive mountain meadowland, where, at the end of spring, vast expanses of rhododendron bloom, conferring to the mountain pastures the typical aspect of a North European heath.

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High Way Ligurian Mountains: Melogno Pass (trails 10-15)


Monte Galero (1.704 m), Rocca Barbena (1.140 m) and Monte Carmo di Loano (1.389 m) are the reliefs which most characterise this tract of the trail.

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High Way Ligurian Mountains: Beigua Mount (stage 16-20)


Crossing one of the areas of Italy with the highest density of woodlands, there cannot be lacking elements of great environmental and also landscape interest.

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