Bad weather in Liguria. Flooding in Sestri Levante.

On last Friday, Oct 26th heavy rains hit all the region: another time, most of the damages are on the east part of Liguria with flooding in Sestri Levante and Riva Trigoso where the little River Petronio overflowed due to the heavy rain.

The local “Protezione Civile” diffused on the previous days a weather allert (level 1 and 2, depending on the area): also in Vernazza, in Cinque Terre, the community was in alert status but luckily the heavy rains didn’t do great damages.

The most affected areas are in Tigullio Gulf where the beautiful village of Sestri Levante got a flooding: the Mayor, on Saturday morning, told that the cleaning works are already started to clean up the central square from the water and moreover several roads, above all in the inland, have been closed to avoid more troubles.

A flooding occured also in the inland of Sestri Levante, in Casarza Ligure, where the central road “Via de Gasperi” has been invaded by the water.

In the Genoa’s inland a landslide occurred on the highway n° 45 between the villages of Torriglia and Montebruno, causing several problem to the traffic in the area.

At noon the Protezione Civile suspended the weather alert, even if they recommend caution for next storms and (possible) seastorms.

Temperature will go down in the weekend (about 10° C less than today)

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