A Mediterranean market as a symbol of exchanges and encounters between cultures and traditions, languages and goods. From this idea born the Suq Festival and becomes, since the first edition in 1999, an awaited and a successful appointment of the summer in Genoa, with over 50,000 presences in ten days.
The Suq represents a happy hour to the music events that set the summer of Liguria on fire. In an exotic spectacular frame, in June Genoa offers a grand bazaar of nations, animated by traders, artisans and restaurants from many different countries. On stage will take place a series of international shows, concerts and meetings.
Theatrical and musical performances, debates and workshops for children, cooking and dance classes follow one another from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m., free admission on stage at the centre of the market and externally. A few steps from the sea, in the Old Port, in the Piazza delle Feste designed by Renzo Piano.
Since 2009, Suq has been sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from 2010 also by the Ministry of Environment.
In 2007, the Suq was included in the exhibition catalogue of “Europe Squares, Squares for Europe”, organized by University of Venice Department of City Planning, with universities and study centres in France, Spain, Greece and Poland, as an example of a cultural ideal place for the aggregation of new public, only with 60 other European places.
In 2006, was born the Society of Suq which has produced shows and events, and gets together artists from various origins, in combinations that change according to the occasion and has carried out performances with story plots, music and dance.

Source: turismoinliguria.it

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