Ring of Palmaria island (Terrizzo-Terrizzo)


The best known and frequented path in Palmaria island is the so called ring circuit - reported as path a - which allows the circumnavigation of the island in just over two hours.

The walk, not difficult, is very interesting both from a naturalistic point of view, and from a historical and scenic point of view.

A ring, from the path, is not well defined, because it - and on it - others mule tracks detach and converge again that can be considered both segments of the main path, and secondary branches.

The path described here is therefore completely arbitrary, the result of personal choice, but nothing prevents you to explore different paths.

The hike starts at Terrizzo (which is the main port of the island) from which a dirt road separates from right side, that climbs the north-east ridge. After a few minutes walk we’ll meet a crossroads: we must ignore the road on the right, which will meet again shortly afterwards, and we’ll continue toward XIX century fortezza Umberto I (a fortress, 25 m).

Before going further a quick digression is advisable - on the left - to the westernmost tip of the island, from which the whole XVII century Torre Scola (or Torre Schola) is visible in the sea. Back at the castle, we’ll go up above the track that we first ignored.

So we’ll arrive in a few minutes, to the remains of batteria Albini (a battery, 45 m), in use during World War II, from which another dirt road stands out, surrounded by holm oaks and ferns, and it goes along two bays - Cala Schenello and Cala della Fornace - and ends in Rocio (we have to ignore the detour we’ll meet half-way) where, near the former telegraph station, a lane on the left down to punta Mariella.

But we’ll continue along the building on the right and then to address a short climb that ends at a former anti-aircraft station, where, from the right, the variable road already described converges (and on which, in turn, two lanes are merged detaching from the path c). Here we will be surrounded by a lush spot, distinguished examples of rock rose, myrtle, thyme, cineraria, arbutus, heather, gorse and valerian.

We’ll continue on a flat lever, which cuts through terraced olive groves and supported by stone walls, with Tino island in sight, up to another junction that marks the beginning and end of a spectacular pedestrian subring. On the left we’ll go down to spiaggia (beach) del Pozzale, where we’ll reach the southern tip of the island, site of a former quarry of portoro.

A brief stop for a breath, and then we’ll climb up once more, amid the cries of the gulls, which here have their own kingdom. It is a very difficult climb, on a harsh and barren roadbed, but it repays us back just as we stopped to watch the sea and the cliffs of cala Grande.

The climb, after closing the loop, continues until the Semaforo (200 m), where we’ll cross both the asphalt road that rises from Terrizzo, and the terminus of the path c.

A point, this of great beauty which is easy to find in the flight of hawks, but also a large flock of wild goats.

Let’s we turn left, where after two bends we’ll venture down into a canyon - among strawberry, ampelodesma, brooms, euphorbia, oaks, and Aleppo pines - which will bring us back to the sea at punta Carlo Alberto, opposite San Pietro church, in Portovenere.

We will be well on the final segment of the ring, that we’ll complete walking along the flat stretch, after touching a first bathhouse, then the historic villa San Giovanni, it comes again to Terrizzo bay.

Source: 5trek.it

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