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Diano Marina

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On the plain that is crossed by the San Pietro river, an area showing signs of Iron Age settlement, there once stood “Lucus Bormani”, the sacred wood dedicated to the water god Borman, which in Roman times became an important resting place along the Via Julia Augusta.

Pietra Ligure

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“Castrum Petrae” was the castle erected on a large rock by the Byzantines as a defence against the Lombards. Extending parallel to the coast, the town once belonged to the bishops of Albenga and later to Genoa. The Roman town of Pietra Ligure dates back to the first century AD, but there are signs of [...]


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Spotorno is a seaside resort situated along the coast between Bergeggi and Noli, not very far from Savona. The sandy beach, which stretches for over two kilometres, and the three-hundred metre stretch of coastal rocks have long been an attraction for tourists: Camillo Sbarbaro and D. H. Lawrence stayed here.

The first coastal town west of Portovenere is Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre. The name derives from “rivus major”, which is today crossed by the steep main road lined on both sides with houses that slope down in the direction of the sea. Originating in the fourteenth century, it separated from the community [...]


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Originally called “Monilia”, the town probably owes its name to the brightness of the sea in this small gulf lying between Punta Moneglia and Punta Rospo, which interrupts the high, rugged coastal rockface stretching from Sestri Levante to Deiva Marina.


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This ancient fishing village has gradually turned into a seaside resort and has been a fashionable tourist attraction for over a century.

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