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Villa del Principe displays its treasures

Villa del Principe, a luxurious noble residence in the city of Genoa, reopens for the public on 5 March 2011. Construction on this wonderful building that faces the Gulf of Genoa was started in 1521 by Andrea Doria, and it became a place for him to relax when he returned from his numerous travels.

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The tricolor night in Genoa

Wednesday 16th March, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., appointment with the Tricolor Night, dedicated to the great popular italian music, with bands-exhibition that will play several songs related to the unification of Italy

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“La Lanterna”: the lighthouse of Genoa

The Lanterna, symbol of Genoa and most important lighthouse of the city, is a 77-metre-high tower, made of two blocks, square in section, roughly of the same height, and both with a projecting terrace.
Built on a rock of 40 metres of height, the top of the Lanterna stands therefore at 117 metres above the sea level. Its light is visible from more than 50 kilometres away.

Partial solar eclipse in Genoa

Celestial show in the morning of 4th January, in the sky of Genoa: the astral situation of these days offers a spectacular partial solar eclipse, but not only.
Do you want to wait until the 2015? Not? Well, “connect yourself” with the sky of Genoa tomorrow morning, from the dawn, about 8 a.m., till 10,30 a.m., to see a very interesting partial sun eclipse.

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“The wonders of Africa” in Genoa

Closing this year, dedicated in a particular way to the Africa, December 31st, Genoa Municipality offers “Wonders of Africa”. African arts in the Italian collections. A very rich program, about 350 works, much of these never exposed in public.

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Genoa: city of trekking

A city made for walk: you have to experience it with the slow pace of your footsteps, discovering the treasures of art and history and capturing the genuine soul of the land, that you can “breathe” across the mysterious alleyways of the old center that tell you endless stories or climbing the “creuze”, which, from the ancient heart of the port, leading to a world of mountains, forests and trails

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