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Diano Marina

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On the plain that is crossed by the San Pietro river, an area showing signs of Iron Age settlement, there once stood “Lucus Bormani”, the sacred wood dedicated to the water god Borman, which in Roman times became an important resting place along the Via Julia Augusta.

Pietra Ligure

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“Castrum Petrae” was the castle erected on a large rock by the Byzantines as a defence against the Lombards. Extending parallel to the coast, the town once belonged to the bishops of Albenga and later to Genoa. The Roman town of Pietra Ligure dates back to the first century AD, but there are signs of [...]


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Spotorno is a seaside resort situated along the coast between Bergeggi and Noli, not very far from Savona. The sandy beach, which stretches for over two kilometres, and the three-hundred metre stretch of coastal rocks have long been an attraction for tourists: Camillo Sbarbaro and D. H. Lawrence stayed here.

The ancient town once known as Vulnetia was founded around the eleventh-century by the inhabitants of Reggio, who moved down from the high country when the coastal area was freed from the Saracen invasions. Corniglia is also situated on the coast but in a higher and better protected location. Like San Bernardino, which lies between [...]

The founders of Monterosso came from Albareto in the Val di Vara. At the time of the invasion of Rotari they founded the Sanctuary of Soviore, which lies on the Cinque Terre itinerary of sanctuaries. In the eleventh century they moved down to the coast and founded the town in the shelter of “Mons Rubens”.

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