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“the azure day” – sailing off shore the Cinque Terre with mini course

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In La Spezia harbour you will go on board and cross first the Gulf of Poets seeing the beautiful villages of Portovenere and Lerici and the islands Palmaria and Tino. Later you will sail along the Cinque Terre coast enjoying great views of the villages.


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The town known as “Portus Veneris” was already famous for its beauty in Roman times. The ancient nucleus developed around the modern-day promontory of San Pietro, where there was a temple dedicated to Venus Ericina, which is where the town’s name derives from.

Natural Parks

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Liguria can boast on its territory a lot of protected areas and natural parks: the most important is the Cinque Terre National Park, then there are 10 Regional Park and about 10 Natural Reserves.

Protected Marine Area

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Protected Marine Area The Protected Marine Areas have an important and strategic role in the management of the marine environment for their biologic, social and economics importance. In Liguria there are 6 Protected Marine Area: Portofino, Cinque Terre, Isola di Bergeggi, Portovenere, Isola Gallinara, Capo Mortola.

Unesco and F.A.I. sites

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Unesco and F.A.I. Sites Even if the Liguria is not a very big region, it can boast 3 Unesco World Heritage sites: the Palazzi dei Rolli system in Genoa, the Beigua Geopark between the provinces of Genoa and Savona and, finally, Portovenere-Cinque Terre and Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto islets close to La Spezia

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