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Portofino trail - December, 8th

Desktop Portofino

Meeting on the Portofino promontory on Sunday 8th December with Trail Portofino, half marathon open to everybody. The green Mediterranean maquis offers relax and oxygen to those who venture along its charming paths which cross the majestic cliffs.

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“Art-Sea-Science Festival” in Portofino

Four days of events, contests, labs and visits dedicated to nature and sea lovers. Aim of this 1st edition of the Festival, organized by Sheraton Genoa Hotel in cooperation with the Santa Margherita Ligure Municipality and Protected Area of Portofino,

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Excursion Portofino-Cala degli Inglesi

Cala degli Inglesi is a beautiful cove characterized by massive boulders, reachable only by foot or by boat. We have chosen as departure the town of Portofino, because it is the shortest route, but you can also access Cala degli Inglesi from Cala many others village of Portofino Park (see map to find other alternatives).

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Footpath from Portofino Vetta to Pietre Strette

This route is certainly the most frequented in the “Portofino Mt.” not only because it is the gateway to all other paths, but also because it is a simple and pleasant walk that does not require any special ability and is therefore suitable for anyone.

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Footpath from Portofino Vetta to San Lorenzo della Costa

Turned into the Park access route, in front of the parking-car, go on in the backside of the hotel and take access to the footpaths.

Here is reported a first path that leads to San Lorenzo della Costa (Costa Ramezzana, Agriturismo il Monte, Violara, Km 501) but we do not recommend these walks because it is currently uncomfortable and, in some places, impassable.

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From Portofino Vetta to San Rocco di Camogli

Access the park through the small staircase behind the hotel and keep the main road that leads to Pietre Strette until the locality of “Gaixella”, equipped with benches, wooden tables and drinking water. Here, turn right and follow the path marked by an empty circle that goes into the woods of chestnut and begins to descent.

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