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Borghetto di Vara

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A mediaeval bridge separates Borghetto from Brugnato near the point where the Pogliaschino river flows into the mid-point of the Vara. It is one of the centres that developed in mediaeval times as a resting place along the main road from Spezia to Genoa. It was conceded by the bishops of Brugnato to the Fieschi [...]


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In Roman times, Brugnato was the capital of the Ligurian Briniati tribe, which is where its name was taken from in the later Middle Ages. The San Colombano friars who came from Bobbio founded a monastery on the fertile plain and this became very powerful due to the generous contributions of Charlemagne.

Varese Ligure

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This is one of the largest municipalities in Liguria and it occupies most of the Vara Valley: from the lower end, where many tributaries run into the river (one of which is the Crovana, near the ancient district of Grecino) through to the large mountain passes that lead to Emilia and Lungiana.

The splendid bay of Deiva Marina opens out at the foot of the large area of woodland that leads down from a height of 800 metres at the Bracco Pass. One of the more secluded towns on the Eastern Riviera, it is nowadays easy to reach thanks to the motorway exit and the railway station.

Levanto is divided into two parts: the old town, which is formed around the church of Sant’Andrea, and the new town, which developed in the fifteenth century on the plain of the River Ghiararo. The territory extends from the coast up to the 875 metres altitude of Monte Bardellone, passing through a number of municipal [...]

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